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What are Enhanced Profiles from WebMD Care?

WebMD Care’s health network consists of both WebMD and With an Enhanced Profile your WebMD profile is syndicated onto Vitals with the following features:

Prominent Placement

Increase your profile views with paid placement on our doctor directory. With an Enhanced Profile you’ll be pinned to the top of all search results for physicians located in your local area and with your expertise.

Search Engine Optimization

Harness the powerful brand recognition and domain authority of WebMD and Vitals. An Enhanced Profile includes a Visit Website link to drive more traffic to your practice’s website and improve your ranking on search engine result pages.

Online Booking

Enable prospective patients to request appointments with you directly from your WebMD and Vitals Profiles. Generate additional appointments across the web with our embeddable widget you can add to your website, Google My Business, Facebook and more.

Reputation Management

Get 8X more patient reviews with automated email and text message feedback requests. Seamlessly publish your most impactful reviews across healthcare review sites like WebMD, Vitals, Healthgrades, RateMDs, Google, Facebook, and more.

Benefits of WebMD Enhanced Profiles

WebMD Enhanced Profiles put your practice in front of more patients and help you stand out from your competition.

Visibility to Your Practice

Help prospective new patients find you on the world’s top health websites. Your WebMD and Vitals profiles are probably already showing up near the top of Google search results, so make sure you control how your practice is being displayed.

Remove Competitor Ads

With an Enhanced Profile, you block any competitors from advertising on your profile page. Your profile is instead displayed on competitors’ profiles in your area and field of practice.

Be Found in Search Results

Paid placement on our doctor directory ensures your practice gets noticed. When patients in your local area search for physicians with your medical expertise, they’ll be shown your profile each time.

Receive Appointment Requests in Your Inbox

With Online Booking, appointment requests are sent directly to your inbox. These incoming leads are tracked from the appointment request forms. You'll also be able to view how many incoming calls have been received from your WebMD profile.

Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

“Since signing up for Enhanced Profiles, our digital marketing initiatives have improved significantly - our conversion rate has gone through the roof, bounce rate has decreased, and we’ve seen a substantial increase in total site visitors since last year.”

- Chelsey Valerio, Marketing Manager at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

“For us WebMD Care resulted in higher ROI than Google Ads. We’ve increased net new patients by 20% since signing up for Enhanced Profiles.”

- Dr. Thomas Nabity Jr, MD, Founder of Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine

“My website is an essential conversion point for patients as most are unfamiliar with infectious diseases. But by linking my WebMD and Vitals Enhanced Profiles to my website I was able to increase my total website visitors by 35%.”

- James L Schaller, MAR, MD

Healing Hands Medical Clinic

“I’ve noticed a difference in the quality of new patient inquiries from my WebMD & Vitals profiles vs my Google ad campaigns. The customizable Online Booking widget on my profiles has allowed us to weed out the not so serious patient inquiries.”

- Lillian Oanduh, BC, FNP-C