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Case Study

Solo Practitioner Expands
Telemedicine Services
to 50 U.S. States


Dr. Anna Chacon

 Speciality: Dermatology
 Location: National
 Practice Size: 1 Location

Teledermatologist Reaches Patients in All 50 U.S. States

Dermatologist uses WebMD Care Telemedicine services to capture more patient appointments

10+ Telemedicine Requests

Telemedicine Services Generate 10+ Virtual Appointment Requests Per Month on Average

17+ Appointment Requests

Featured Profiles Generate 17+ Appointment Requests on Average

60X More Profile Views

Featured Profiles Generate 60X More Profile Views than Basic Profiles


Before opening her own private in-person and tele-dermatology practice, Dr. Chacon worked for a large, nonprofit, multispecialty, academic medical center. When she opened her own practice, her former employer’s non-compete clause became a barrier to her practice's growth. She started a digital marketing program to attract new patients.


Dr. Chacon found out about WebMD Featured Profiles from her own research on WebMD. WebMD Featured Profiles gives her practice credibility with patients as WebMD is a brand patients already know and trust. In addition to attracting patients near her practice location in Miami Florida, she is able to serve patients virtually through WebMD’s telemedicine services.


WebMD’s telemedicine services have given Dr. Chacon the ability to help patients who would otherwise be unable to see a dermatologist. Her patients have a wide variety of barriers keeping them from receiving in-person dermatological care, such as work restrictions, language barriers, or having special needs. In addition to helping patients, WebMD’s telemedicine services have generated new patient leads for Dr. Chacon.

WebMD Care Directory telemedicine has enabled
me to provide care for patients who are otherwise
unable to visit a dermatologist in person.

- Dr. Anna Chacon, MD

About Dr. Anna Chacon

Dr. Anna Chacon is a board-certified dermatologist and teledermatologist with an office location in Miami, Florida. She is licensed to practice in 50 U.S. states, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. Her mission is to provide compassionate care for patients both virtually and in-person.

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