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Case Study

Rare Infectious Disease Specialist
Increases Site Visitors by 35%


James L Schaller, MAR, MD

 Specialty: Infectious Disease, Psychiatry, & Pain Medicine 
Location: Naples, FL
 Practice Size: 1 Location

Increased Search Engine Rankings & Online Presence 

Rare infectious disease specialist increases online visibility, helping complex patients reach a diagnosis and find care. 

Increased Domain Authority

35% increase in unique site visitors

Boosted Online Presence

2176% boost in WebMD & Vitals profile views

More New Patients

42.85% increase in new patients


Dr. James L Schaller, MAR, MD treats patients who have exhausted all other medical resources. Patients seek his personalized treatment plans for many conditions such as Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia, Morgellons, Fibromyalgia, mystery diseases, and more. It's important Dr. Schaller's practice reaches these individuals who maybe unaware of what illness they have and that specialized medical practitioners like Dr. Schaller exist. After testing many digital and traditional marketing channels, Dr. James L Schaller began searching for a way to increase his online presence and awareness to his services.


Dr. Schaller reviewed many doctor directories and finally decided to signup for a WebMD Care Directories Featured Profile. He was impressed with the slick interface and additional product features a Featured Profile offered in comparison to other doctor directories. But most importantly he was confident WebMD's brand recognition and high domain authority would help him boost his presence on search engines like Google. 


After one year of using Featured Profiles, Dr. Schaller noticed a 35% increase in unique website visitors. Having a visit website link in his WebMD and Vitals profiles help drive more visitors to his website. Now patients can find his website from a quick Google search. Featured Profiles have boosted the performance of all his digital marketing channels and has helped bring awareness of his services to patients suffering from rare or less researched diseases. To date Dr. Schaller credits 30% of all his new patients to his Featured Profile alone.  

My website is an essential conversion point for patients
as most are unfamiliar with infectious diseases. By linking
my WebMD and Vitals Featured Profiles to my website,
I was able to increase my total website visitors by 35%.

- James L Schaller, MAR, MD


Dr. James L Schaller is an expert in numerous fields of medicine including infectious disease, psychiatry, pain management and more. He has written over 30 books and has peer reviewed articles in over 20 fields of medicine. His practice specializes in assisting complex patients that other gifted physicians can only help in part. 

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